We started our business in 2014. We were, and are, two highly-motivated guys, and at the beginning we were loading our trucks by ourselves.

We soon employed some drivers, and after just a year, two of our drivers decided to set up their own companies.

Was this bad news for us?

NO! Both new companies became our clients, and each company now has over 50 trucks, and we have dedicated teams to support all their needs.

Not only were these two companies rapidly growing independently, but word got around about our services, and within a year of starting our business we were already managing ten dispatchers. These top-class dispatchers took care of the many truck drivers who were contacting us to find quality loads and for someone to handle their accounting.

Since then we have continued with our commitment and determination to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

How? Well, SHARK DISPATCH ng on the size of your company, you will always deal with the same dispatcher or dispatch team, and in both cases you will be treated respectfully, and you will benefit from our top-quality service and excellent communication… operating 24/7.

We will be most pleased to discuss with you any questions about our services – just CONTACT US.